Welcome to Ayusmat

Ayusmat is a platform for academicians, researchers, students, practitioners, policy makers, CXOs of Healthcare organisations, Health-Tech consultants, Venture Capitalists, Start-ups and thought leaders in the field of Healthcare.At Ayusmat 2019, we aim to bring bright minds together to foster sharing of ideas, provoke conversations that matter, promote exchange of knowledge and drive collaboration amongst healthcare practitioners.

The Theme for Ayusmat 2019 is GOLDEN TRIANGLE OF HEALTHCARE.

The conference deliberations will be on the following topics:

• Healthcare Costs
Access to Healthcare
• Improving Quality of service delivery.

Cost-Quality-Accessibility are three aspects that pose the greatest challenge for an efficient Healthcare service delivery. Different sectors interlacing with healthcare namely Finance, Management and Leadership, Policy, Technology, Insurance, Pharmaceutical, Start-ups amongst others play a significant role in designing service delivery systems that balance these dilemmas. The closer healthcare providers come to the ideal of high medical access and quality but at the lowest possible cost through innovative approaches from these sectors, the better they are at delivering value-based care in their healthcare models. The deliberations of the conference aim to address these issues in further detail.


Inclusions: Lunch and High tea, Registration kit, Ayusmat 2019 magazine, Certificate of Attendance.